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By Randee Dawn

That big moment of fame can strike at any moment: Just ask Brendan Jordan, a 15-year-old from Las Vegas who started out as just another face in the crowd of a live local newscast, and wound up seizing the spotlight. Check out how he became a dancing diva in this clip:

Jordan, who corresponded with with permission from his parents, says he hadn't planned to be the star of the video. "I just saw a camera, and did my thing," he said. "I was imagining myself as if I were Lady Gaga, and that no one could destroy me."

In the video, KLAS-TV reporter Patranya Bhoolsuwan remains a total pro as she reports on the opening of a new shopping mall. But just behind her, a legend is being born.

Later, she admitted (at least temporary) defeat on Twitter:

Dance on, young man. Dance on.

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