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'Damn Daniel' teens donate Vans shoes to young patients

What started as a funny viral video involving style, shoes and a catchphrase has put two California students in a position to help others.
/ Source: TODAY

Damn indeed, Daniel!

What started as a funny viral video has now put a pair of California students in a position to help others in their community, and they're taking full advantage of the opportunity.

Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz, the duo behind the "Damn Daniel" videos, rose to Internet stardom last month after a video in which Holz repeatedly exclaims "Damn, Daniel!" regarding Lara's stylish wardrobe —particularly a pair of white Vans sneakers — went viral.

Within hours, "Damn, Daniel!" became a catchphrase. The videos got so much attention that Ellen DeGeneres even had the teens on her show, where she gave Holz his own "Damn Daniel" surfboard. As for Lara, footwear manufacturer Vans gave him a lifetime supply of their shoes.

Now Holz and Lara are putting their new relationship with Vans to good use. The pair visited Loma Linda University Children's Hospital in California, where they met patients and gave out free pairs of Lara's Vans sneakers (Vans donated an additional 100 pairs for the visit).

The teens spent hours at the hospital, signing autographs, taking pictures with the patients and handing out the shoes.

“We thought it was important to do some charity work and give back to the local community,” Lara told the Los Angeles Daily News. “We’re enjoying it. We’re enjoying being here. This is a great experience.”

Damn right, Daniel!