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Couple finds love after both losing spouses to brain cancer

Ryan and Jessica Ronne are living a love story that began with heartache.
/ Source: TODAY

Ryan and Jessica Ronne are living a love story that began with heartache.

The two were married with young spouses raising young families when they each lost their respective spouses to brain cancer, within days of one another. Ryan, who lived in Oklahoma, and Jessica, a Michigan resident, turned to the same outlet for their grief.

"We both blogged through our late spouses' cancer journeys," Jessica said.

"I was struggling," Ryan said. "And in a bad way, emotionally."

Someone reading both their blogs suggested Jessica and Ryan might be good support for one another, even though they were strangers, and living in different states. Jessica said she left a comment on Ryan's blog. Ryan responded the next day, and their conversations never stopped.

"A week later we were pretty serious. We were emailing constantly," Jessica said.

Ryan said the two would spend hours on the phone, "Just pouring our hearts out to each other."

One month later, the couple met in person, for the first time. And six months later they were married.

"We knew what we wanted and we found it in each other," Ryan said. "I mean, why wait? We learned that you don't know how long life's gonna be and if you don't embrace every moment that you can then what do you have?"

As for Ryan's four children and Jessica's three, they were already asking when they would get a new mom or dad.

"They had a void," Ryan said. "They had a good mom and a good dad, and they lost that and they wanted another one."

Now their family is growing. The couple is expecting a baby.

For those who compare them to the Brady Bunch? They laugh it off, adding that only one thing is missing.

"We need an Alice!" Ryan said, referring to the show's housekeeper.