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One Man's Despair Becomes Ultimate Tribute to Colorado Devastation

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Colorado Man Plays Piano

Amidst heavy rains in Colorado that left 8 dead, hundreds missing and thousands without homes, one man's somber piano playing has turned into a heartbreaking anthem.

After rescuing his sister, her partner and their 8-month old baby from the Lyons flooding, Stephen Smith and his roommate Mark Changaris returned to their home to find that the flooding had reached them as well: 

After the raging water began to die down, Mark sat down at the piano, left mostly undamaged by the flood and began playing in his now partially destoryed living room. The result: 

Says his roommate Maren Keely (who uploaded the footage): "He loves the home, he's lived there for almost 4 years. He loves the piano. We needed something beautiful amidst the destruction and mud, rocks, and debris. Watching him play was the first time I actually felt sad and heartbroken by the events..."

Anyone interested in aiding those affected by the floods in Boulder, CO should check out Boulder Flood Relief on Facebook for more information. 

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