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Chris Pratt's #WHATSMYSNACK series is a little too relatable for anyone dieting

"It's 10:53 p.m. and I should go to bed," the star said. "But instead I'm gonna maybe eat my snack for tomorrow."
/ Source: TODAY

Leave it to born entertainer Chris Pratt to turn his diet into a docudrama.

It seems the actor, 37, is trying to tighten things up for "Jurassic World 2." To hold himself accountable (and make us all split our pants laughing), he's sharing his snacks on Instagram in a series fittingly dubbed "#WHATSMYSNACK." (It has a theme song and everything.)

In his quest for snack satisfaction, Pratt encounters situations all too familiar to anyone who's ever been on a diet. Grab your own 250-calorie snack and watch for yourself.

Situation 1: The unpronounceable superfood.

"Cay-oh-CAY-oh, BAY-o-bab, BA-na-na, CHI-uh," reads Pratt with roughly the inflection of a GPS from 2005. No judgment, Chris. We wouldn't know where to start with "baobab," either.

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Situation 2: The evangelism of perfectly mediocre food.

Pratt's eyes roll back into his head as he moans while devouring some sashimi. But his caption conveys otherwise: "Watch me eat cat food like a good little boy." In the clip, Pratt also says the sashimi "smells and tastes exactly like Berkley Powerbait," but that he can "see why trout love it."

Situation 3: The late-night barter.

“It’s 10:53 p.m. and I should go to bed but instead I’m gonna maybe eat my snack for tomorrow," he whispers into the camera before zooming in on a pistachio olive oil cake (which, admittedly, sounds pretty good). "What if I only have half?" he muses, sneaking small nibbles before eventually leaving a single crumb "for tomorrow."

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Situation 4: The casual rabid hangry-ness.

Pratt attempts to keep his cool while eating an apple and, well ... you can see how that turns out.

Sure makes us glad we're not on a diet (or feel a little less alone, if we are). Thanks for the laughs as always, Chris!