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An easy 10-minute yoga flow for beginners

Obé Fitness instructor Beth Cooke leads TODAY in a 10-minute yoga flow that will stretch and relax your body.

The benefits of yoga are well documented. The practice strengthens your core and tones your muscles, stretches and loosens the body, and helps combat stress and anxiety.

And you don’t need to spend a lot of time to reap the benefits. Finding just 10 spare minutes when you wake up, during the workday or before you get into bed at night to run through a quick flow can make all the difference.

“That’s all it takes; 10 minutes to get grounded and centered in your body,” said Beth Cooke, Obé Fitness instructor.

This practice is focused on giving you a full-body stretch, loosening tight muscles with special attention paid to opening the hips and lengthening the spine.

Cooke also encourages us to use the time to clear the mind. “Set an intention for your practice,” said Cooke. “This can be really simple, maybe one word, something you want to bring more of into your life.”

Try "peace" or "quiet" on a particularly stressful day or "strength" or "confidence" when you have an important meeting at work.

Ready to flow? Choose your focus and let Cooke guide you through this relaxing 10-minute practice.

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