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Carson Daly is not having fun with J.Lo's 10-day no-carb, no-sugar challenge

He barely made it a day. His sister's delicious individual-sized pot pies, in part, spurred the swift downfall.
/ Source: TODAY

Carson Daly didn't even last 24 hours after accepting a challenge by Jennifer Lopez to go 10 days without eating carbs or sugar. And he's not sorry about it.

Carson made his feelings clear about J.Lo's 10-day challenge on TODAY Monday when he recapped his first weekend of attempting the diet.

"I thought it would be easier because I don't eat a ton of carbs anyway, and ... there's just a lot of sugar in everything, it turns out,'' he said. "So when you start making these micro decisions in the day you're like, 'This sucks. My life sucks now.'

Tell us how you really feel, Carson!

Unlike Hoda Kotb, who said she has been bursting with energy since embarking on the challenge, Carson has had a different experience.

He went in front of the "J.Lo Confessional Cam" on Monday to let the actress and pop star know how much things went off the rails when he tried her challenge.

"Forgive me J.Lo, for I have sinned,'' he said.

The struggle began on Friday when he and his family went over to his sister's house for dinner, where she prepared individual (and carb-filled) pot pies for everyone.

"What am I supposed to do, not eat that?'' he said. "Am I supposed to show up with my own bag of broccoli and (say), 'Oh, I can't have any carbs?' It's Friday night!

"What am I supposed to tell my sister? You know what, J.Lo doesn't want me to eat this, so I'll have something else."

The uphill battle continued on Saturday, when Carson went to his favorite restaurant, which is known for its French fries. While he didn't order any, someone got an order for the table to share.

"I can't not have one,'' he said.

It sounds like the J.Lo Challenge just isn't for him. Considering his wife, Siri, is always whipping up some delicious meals, plus the Super Bowl is coming up on Sunday, it might have only gotten harder from here.

"Sorry, I don't know if I can do it,'' he said. "I really don't think I can, to be honest with you. Or maybe just deep, deep, deep down inside, I don't want to.

"It's hard. It doesn't make any sense to me. When I'm home with my wife and my kids, I want to celebrate life."

Even if he actually made it through the challenge, he doesn't know what the future would hold after that.

"What happens after day 10?'' he said. "Do you go back to eating crap? What's wrong with this?"

For Carson, the emphasis was truly on the challenge part of the J.Lo Challenge.