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A cappella group pulls off the sweetest Valentine’s Day prank ever

What would you do if a group of good-looking guys snuck up behind you and belted out, “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You,” “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You,” or “Just the Way You Are” in perfect harmony ... and then handed you a rose? 

While it sounds like a scene from a movie, this is actually the premise of the week's latest viral video. YouTube sensation Stuart Edge teamed up with some of the members of Vocal Point, Brigham Young University's renowned a cappella troupe, to, well, surprise the heck out of a few women with loving serenades — just in time for Valentine's Day!

“Everything you hear was filmed live and in the moment," Stuart explained. "Which added a little challenge, but definitely made it very exciting.”

Fortunately, the lucky ladies in this video handled the surprise with grace and lots of laughs, and as you’ll see, a couple of them even look close to tears.

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