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Can math magician Rick Lax guess the number in your head?

Rick Lax is a master of illusions and deception ... as well as some simple math. But can he guess what number you're thinking of? Find out!
/ Source: TODAY

Rick Lax is a magician and illusionist who also knows a lot about the "psychology of deceit," according to his Facebook page. But he can also do something surprising:Tell you what number you're thinking of after a series of simple math exercises.

In a short video he posted on Facebook, Lax holds up cards with some basic math questions. Then he holds up another card asking you to guess a number in a particular range.

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If he's right, you're supposed to share the video.

Rick Lax's math puzzle
Rick Lax knows your mind ... probably.Rick Lax / Facebook

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Based on the number of shares the video has received so far, Lax has been right more than 211,000 times.

Does the math magic work for you? Can Lax get into your mind? Try it and see what happens!

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