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Calling all hedgehog lovers! TODAY wants to see your unusual pets

Steven Senne / Today
Hedgehog breeder and trainer Jennifer Crespo, of Gardner, Mass., holds a pet hedgehog at her home in Gardner, Mass. Hedgehogs are steadily growing in popularity across the United States.

Hedgehogs are becoming the hot pet to have, and TODAY wants to see yours — or whatever unusual animal you share your home with.

Apparently, hedgehogs are easier to care for than many other critters — given their light odor, hypoallergenic tendencies and ability to be left alone for long periods of time — and their popularity seems to have grown recently due to people sharing photos of their prickly pets on social media. 

Darcy, a hedgehog in Tokyo, was the face of the popular Instagram account “Darcy The Flying Hedgehog,” before she passed away in February. The feed featured photos of her sitting in a cup, napping in someone’s hand and in dozens of other adorable poses. Darcy's owner Shota Tsukamato told last year that he wanted Darcy to become "the most famous hedgehog in the world," and with more than 400,000 followers, she certainly was on her way.

Social media accounts like Darcy's and other hedgehogs' (we're also fans of @biddythehedgehog and @turby_thehedgehog) are spreading hedgehog mania from the Internet to the pet store.

Massachusetts hedgehog breeder Jill Warnick told the Associated Press that hedgehogs are becoming so popular that she has a waiting list of potential buyers waiting to get their hands on one.

“When I first started, I might have a waiting list of five people,” Warnick said. “Well, 10 years later, I have a waiting list of 500 people.”

Have you gotten caught up in the hedgehog craze and snapped one up yourself? Or do you have an unusual pet you're proud of?

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