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Sculpt your butt with these 2 easy exercises

These variations take squats and lunges to the next level.
/ Source: TODAY

Ready to work on toning your backside? There are simple butt exercises you can do at home.

Whether your goal is a bigger, rounder butt or you want to tighten and lift your butt and legs, these exercises will help you see progress. Both moves build upon basic exercises the squat and the lunge for a more complex move that will really target the muscles in your butt and hamstrings.

Though the moves are certainly challenging, anyone can do this glute workout — there are modifications for beginners included. Watch the video to get started, and read the exercise descriptions below for further instruction.

1. Squat pulse + squat jump combo

To perform this move, you want to begin in a lowered squat position. Proceed to pulse the movement by slowly raising yourself to a three-quarter squat position. This would look like you are standing up from the squat, but you stop halfway and then you squat back down. Once you perform the squat pulse and return to a lowered squat position, use your arms to propel your body straight up in the air in order to do a squat jump. When you land, land back in a lowered squat position.

This exercise will work your legs, glutes and your entire body by raising your heart rate. While you are pulsing, focus on the movement by squeezing your glutes. Be sure that throughout this exercise, you keep your chest out and back straight. Your back shouldn't curl over but instead, it should be in a straight line.

The last tip to remember is to squat back like you are sitting in a chair and if you are doing this correctly, your knees will not be passing your toes. If your knees pass your toes then you need to sit further back. You can hold onto a stable item to assist you in squatting back if necessary. Perform 20 repetitions.

If you're a beginner, simply remove the squat jump and focus on perfecting your squat form by pulsing.

2. Bulgarian lunge

Take your lunge to the next level by simply raising one leg about six inches off of the ground. If you don't have a stepper, you can use an actual step or a bench.

Keep your chest upright and make sure your knee doesn't go past your foot as you bend down. Perform 20 repetitions on each leg.

Repeat this two-exercise circuit three times for a lower-body workout!

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