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Burn calories fast with these 3 workouts

Want to get fit fast? Do these exercises which target different muscles at the same time.
/ Source: TODAY

Why work one muscle at a time when you can work three?

These combination exercises from our “Social Star Search” mentor Massy Arias and mentee Chrysten Crockett, will target many different parts of your body — all at the same time. Which simply means you'll burn more calories while getting a faster, more effective workout. What's not to love?

Here is a detailed description and video of the workout:

Warm up

1. 10 seconds of jumping jacks

Social Star jumping jacks

2. 10 seconds of hamstring scoop

Social Star hamstring

3. 10 seconds of quadricep pulls

Social star hamstring stretch

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1. Squat, Curl, Press

Social Star squat

This exercise works the glutes, hamstrings and adductors. It also works your biceps and shoulders.

2. Reverse Lunge With Curl

Social Stars alternate squat

A reverse lunge is easier on the knees and it works your hamstrings, glutes and quadriceps. When you add the curl, you'll also target your biceps.

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3. Shoulder Get Ups (Plank Up + Downs)

social stars plank

Shoulder get ups strengthen your abdominal wall while working your shoulders, chest, triceps and core.

Repeat each exercise for 10 to 15 repetitions, before quickly moving onto the next move. Complete this three exercise circuit as many times as you can with little rest in between.