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Brothers hilariously trick sister into believing a zombie apocalypse has begun

Watch these brothers trick their younger sister, who just had her wisdom teeth removed, into thinking a zombie attack has hit their city.
/ Source: TODAY

Leave it to three brothers to make waking up from having wisdom teeth removed become one of the most terrifying moments of their younger sister's life.

Brothers Cabot, Hudson and Barrett Phillips decided to prank their sister, Millicent, by convincing her that a zombie apocalypse had hit their home city of Washington, D.C., while she was still dazed in the aftermath of the surgery. Complete with everything from a fake Centers for Disease Control announcement over the radio and a call from their mother, they captured Millicent's stunned response to one shock after another.

After the realization sinks in of what she thinks is happening, Millicent pulls it together to let Cabot know that maybe a garden hoe isn't the most effective tool to combat zombies.

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"We have guns — why are you putting garden equipment in the car?" she asks.

Another highlight comes when one brother tells her they must choose between taking the cat or dog on their escape to Mexico. Her answer is definitive, to say the least.

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They also ask if she's brushed up on her Spanish, getting a hilarious answer in reply, before they let her down easy and reveal that there is no zombie apocalypse. The bar for best prank has officially been set about as high as it can go for the Phillips family.

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