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Bethenny Frankel gets candid about criticism of her appearance and plastic surgery rumors

The star is making it clear that she feels great, despite any opinions her critics have about her appearance.
/ Source: TODAY

Bethenny Frankel has a few choice words for online haters who like to criticize her appearance and people who don't believe her when she shares what cosmetic procedures she's had done.

The former “Real Housewives of New York City” star responded to her critics in a spirited new TikTok video that she captioned, "Not much else to say."

The 52-year-old started the clip by explaining that she's no stranger to hurtful comments.

"People have been commenting on my face and appearance since the beginning of my time on television. It has gone from, 'You’re ugly, old and wrinkled,' to 'You age like milk,'" she said.

Frankel said inquiring minds have been asking her what type of plastic surgery she’s had for years. And even when she shares what she's tried to improve her appearance, the star said people are never happy with her response.

“You try to kill every bug in Manhattan, and you say what you’ve done, and people don’t believe you anyway," she said. "They say some other thing, like you removed a bone, so you try to be as transparent as possible, and people still don't believe you."

Frankel shared that she recently experienced some health issues that made her face look “deformed” and said online commenters were pretty cruel.

"People were saying, ‘Your face looks totally f----- up,'” she said.

Despite claims that she had to have had work done recently, the star went on to set the record straight.

“99.9% of what people have said that I have done is false,” she said.

Frankel admitted that she’s not “all natural” and said she’s been open about having had a “boob lift” before.

“This is not natural. No face cream will make you look entirely different. There will be results, there will be improvements. ... Nothing will drastically change anyone’s appearance unless they get a little assistance,” she said.

Frankel isn’t afraid to call it like it is, but she also explained why she hasn’t gone into specific detail about the procedures she has had.

“As a very good friend of mine with experience in the industry and in this conversation told me, you don’t owe anybody anything because if you say you did one thing, they’ll say you did something else,” she said.

Whenever she talks publicly about beauty and plastic surgery, the entrepreneur said she tries to think about her 12-year-old daughter Bryn, who reads the nasty comments on her mother’s social media channels.

“Here’s the most important thing. I think I look great, my daughter thinks I look great, my fiancé thinks I look great,” she said.

Towards the end of her video, Frankel said she doesn't feel like being the "spokesperson" for plastic surgery.

"And I don't owe anybody a detailed explanation about everything I eat, how much I have sex, how much money I have or everything I do," she said.