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Triplets scarred in fire: Healing, inspiring and preparing for a wedding

On Wednesday, TODAY got an update on the Berns sisters and the procedure that's helped them and so many others.
/ Source: TODAY

We first got to know Chandra, Trae and Jordan Berns in 2009, when the identical triplets who'd suffered burns as toddlers visited TODAY and shared their ongoing road to recovery.

On Wednesday, we got an update on the women and the procedure that's helped them and so many others since.

The trio was just 17 months old when a house fire took the life of their mother and left all three of them with scars on their backs, chests, arms and faces. But just months before their first appearance on TODAY, they'd undergone laser treatments that were already offering them significant improvements.

They continued with more treatments after that, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.

Jordan, who'll soon be the second of the sisters to get married, recently tried on a strapless wedding gown with a plunging neckline.

In 2009, triplet sisters Chandra, Trae and Jordan Berns visited TODAY to talk about the new laser treatment that offers hope for healing the third-degree burn scars they suffered in a tragic fire that killed their mother when they were toddlers. They report on how a pioneering laser treatment has helped them minimize the scars they were marked with for a lifetime.TODAY

"It's a dress that I really never thought I would get to wear growing up with burns," she told TODAY. "So I really stepped out of my comfort zone, and it's just amazing."

The Berns sisters originally went public with their story in hopes that others who could benefit from the procedure would learn of its existence.


The word is definitely out now. Since 2009, over 50,000 burn survivors have undergone the treatment.

"We were blessed to have each other growing up, where you know we could go through challenges together," Jordan said. "I know other people don't have that, so when we shared our story, I think that let a lot of people know 'Hey, there's someone else out there like me too.'"

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