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Bentley turns 2! Birthday treats for dog of Ebola nurse Nina Pham

Lucky pup Bentley turns 2 today, celebrating his birthday with owner Nina Pham, the Texas nurse who beat Ebola. 

Pham, who was reunited with her "best friend" on Nov. 1 after the adorable King Charles Spaniel's 21-day quarantine, tweeted a photo of Bentley and his birthday treats.



Bentley became the center of attention when Pham was diagnosed and hospitalized with Ebola on Oct. 11 after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who had died of the disease at a Dallas hospital. While Pham was being treated in Dallas, Bentley was taken into quarantine at a decommissioned naval based, under the care of Dallas Animal Services. Support poured in from people who worried the little dog would be euthanized, tweeting with #SaveBentley. Bentley tested negative for the virus and when released from quarantine was greeted by Pham — who had recovered from the disease — with tears, kisses and hugs. 

Since his release Bentley has become the fund-raising spokespup for the Dallas shelter with "Bentley Approved" T-shirts. 



There's limited evidence that dogs can become infected with Ebola and there are no known cases of them spreading the disease to humans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But when the disease first was first spreading from West Africa to Europe and the U.S., there were fears about the risk to household pets and possible dangers to humans. That's a reason why so much attention was focused on Bentley. 

A happy birthday tale for the lucky dog and his now healthy owner.