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Turn your weight-loss fails into redirects — advice from this Beachbody trainer

Fitness expert Autumn Calabrese talks about how you can reframe your mindset about failure and weight loss in her new book.

Popular Beachbody fitness trainer Autumn Calabrese does not believe in failure.

She has worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 17 years, and has overcome countless mental and physical struggles. However, she said she likes to think of these struggles as “redirects,” as she states in her new book, “Lose Weight Like Crazy, Even if You Have a Crazy Life!

“It's really easy to look at something that doesn't work out, or that appears to not be working out, and assume that you failed,” Calabrese told TODAY. “The best thing that could have ever happened to me (was) that I was redirected towards my true path. My true path has led me right to where I'm supposed to be.”

"Lose Weight Like Crazy Even If You Have a Crazy Life!" by Autumn Calabrese

Calabrese’s book breaks down her nutrition program and features two 30-minute workouts, but it also explores many of the hardships she has overcome in her life.

She said she wanted to share a different side of herself with the world because everyone struggles with personal health and fitness at times.

Calabrese's nutrition program uses color-coded containers to help regulate portion sizes.
Calabrese's nutrition program uses color-coded containers to help regulate portion sizes.Courtesy of Autumn Calabrese

“We're all on the same journey, we're just at different points,” she said.

Here are a few things Calabrese thinks people should keep in mind when starting a weight-loss journey.

1. If a diet or fitness plan doesn't work for you, that's OK.

Calabrese said reframing your mindset about fitness can help you from getting discouraged along your journey. Different programs and diets do not necessarily work well for everyone, so Calabrese said to think of these experiences as steps on the path that gets you where you want to go.

“Maybe you were just being redirected to something that was going to work better for you, that was going to have a longer lasting effect, that was going to be a healthier option for you, that was going to help you not just take control of your food, but take control of your mindset,” she said.

2. There is no perfect way to eat or live.

There is no perfect path to fitness, and Calabrese said she wants to dispel the myth that there is a perfect way to eat or live. She said she doesn’t want people to think about eating certain foods as a sign of failure, but rather as an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding about what motivates their choices.

“We all have good days and we all have bad days,” she said. “It's really the mindset that we choose that will determine if we sit and wallow in those, or if we let them shape us and drive us to learn from them and be better.”

Calabrese’s redirect mindset is a key component of her nutrition program, Ultimate Portion Fix. She said she doesn’t believe in eliminating foods from your diet. For instance, Calabrese said it’s fine to eat a doughnut on occasion, but if it gets to the point where you eat so many doughnuts that you feel sick, it’s important to understand what drove you to do that.

“A lot of that comes from something much deeper, something in us emotionally,” she said. “So we have to look at our fitness and our nutrition journey not just as, ‘I did the exercise and I ate the right foods,’ we have to look at the mindset also and say, ‘What else is happening?’”

Calabrese said examining the deeper motivations behind these choices can ultimately help people find a balance and make healthier decisions the next time around.

3. Trust the process.

Calabrese said it has taken her years to recognize some of the different events in her life as redirects.

In her book, she wrote about an instance where she was passed over for a spot as a trainer on a popular weight-loss show, and she said she was devastated. However, this experience was what ultimately led her to her current position as a super trainer at Beachbody, where she writes her own at-home fitness programs and created her nutrition program.

“Sometimes you don't see the lesson for years later, so you have to trust that the lesson will show up,” Calabrese said. “But if you believe that it's there, if you believe in redirects and not failures, you'll find it eventually.”