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Arkansas woman turns 106 after beating COVID-19

“We look at this as a miracle from God,” her great-nephew Garland E. Mormon said.
Boyle has lived in Arkansas since she was 28, the governor said in his Tuesday press briefing.
Boyle has lived in Arkansas since she was 28, the governor said in his Tuesday press briefing.Governor Asa Hutchinson / YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

Priscilla Boyle’s birthday was an unusual event this year. In addition to turning 106 on Sunday, the centenarian also had to beat COVID-19 this summer.

The governor of her home state, Asa Hutchinson, even wished her a happy birthday during his press briefing on Tuesday.

“She spent one month in the hospital in June as a result of contracting COVID,” Hutchinson said, going on to highlight her contributions to the state over the course of her lifetime — from teaching Sunday school to owning a beauty shop in Little Rock.

Boyle celebrates her birthday watching her family drive by with decorated cars.KARK

Boyle has since tested negative several times, Hutchinson said.

“I thought that was a good story to start off Thanksgiving and be thankful about her long life and what she means to her family and all those that care about her,” Hutchinson said.

Boyle sat outside as her family came by in honor of her 106th birthday.

Boyle’s family held a socially distant celebration for her, NBC affiliate KARK reported. Her great-nephews and nieces decorated cars and trucks to drive by her care center in her honor.

Boyle's family decorated their cars and drove by her facility to wish her a happy birthday.KARK

Terri Johnson, Boyle’s great-niece, listed pneumonia, COVID-19, and cancer as hardships the West Little Rock resident has had to overcome to make it to 106.

“We look at this as a miracle from God,” Boyle's great-nephew, Garland E. Mormon, said. “And we are very grateful that she has pulled through this.”

Boyle’s family told KARK her secret to a long life is kindness, her dedication to her faith, and healthy eating.