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Quiz: Are you more right or left brain (if there is such thing)?

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You've heard of being left brained and right brained, but do you know which you are, and what they mean? 

What many commonly believe is that left brainers are more methodical, logical and analytical, while right brainers are more creative and artistic. 

After a two year study, neuroscientists from the University of Utah recently released a study finding that most people actually use both sides of their brain, debunking the myth of left and right brain thinking. Oh, well there goes that whole "I'm good with numbers because I'm a left brainer" conversation starter at parties. The researchers identified specific networks in the left and right brain that process lateralized functions. Lateralized brain function, in a nutshell, mean that there are certain mental processes that are primarily specialized to one of the brain's hemispheres. So, some functions, like speech, occur in one side of the brain or other, but one side is not stronger than the other. 

Even though it's probably meaningless, try taking 30 seconds to answer seemingly strange, random questions about colors and shapes and you'll get an assessment of which side of the brain you tend to use (in theory) more and why. Think of it as a creativity versus logic test. Try it now, and let us know your result in the comments!

Oh, and I'm 70 percent right brain, if you were wondering. Which apparently means nothing.

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.