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Are you an 'emotional eater'? There's a book for that

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, you might be looking around for a new book to help you. Every year, there are dozens of new diet books promising to change your body and life, but when it comes to real, stick-with-it weight loss, you need to find a program that "speaks to you." 

If you can identify your personal dieting style, and match that with a book consistent with that, you’re already on a positive path to success. We’ve divided a group of new books into four categories:

  • Step by Step: for the dieter who wants to learn the basics, and seeks a rule-based program saying exactly what to do.
  • Fitness Focused: for the dieter who wants to focus on physical activity to boost calorie use, with less emphasis on trimming calories.
  • Emotional Eater: for the dieter who knows what to do, but has emotional and stress related sabotage to overeating.
  • Anti-Diet Approach: for the diet who does not want any specific plan, and wants to self-design an optimal personal approach.

Step by Step

"The One, One, One Diet" (Rania Batayneh)

This easy to follow approach includes one protein choice, one carbohydrate choice, and one fat choice at every meal. This book contains all the basic tools for smart, calorie controlled eating.

"The Every Other Day Diet" (Krista Varady and Bill Gottlieb).

Alternate day eating of limited calories (Diet Day) and more moderate eating (Feast Day). Evidence-based calorie controlled eating that helps eaters avoid deprivation and overeating.

"The COSMO Bikini Diet" (Holly Corbett)

A comprehensive 12-week program with a real-world eating plan and time-efficient exercise plan. Tips to help you stay connected to your plan.

Fitness Focused

"Sarah Fit: Get Skinny Again" (Sarah Dussault)

An easy to follow guide for the right exercises to keep you in shape without spending too much time or energy. Good fitness ideas on how to keep the weight off for the long term.  

"Fit At Last" (Ken Blanchard and Tim Kearin)

A great book people who know what to do but just don’t follow through. Provides insights to help choose a “fitness type” and how to stay engaged. Good strategies on making a long-term commitment to fitness.

"No Gym, No Problem!" (Patrick Dale)

A no-frills approach to exercise that requires little or no equipment and is guaranteed to be just as effective as far more complicated exercise routines. Good for beginners or anyone who wants alternatives to a gym.

Emotional Eating

"What Are You Hungry For?" (Deepak Chopra)

This concept bases weight loss not on what people eat, but why people overeat. This is the barrier that many people face. If that can be resolved, mind-body connect for healthy eating patterns.

"Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much" (Colette Baron-Reid)

This 4-step, 8-week program shows the read how to address emotional factors connected to overeating. A focus on handling emotional vulnerabilities, to help avoid autopilot eating. 

"The Marie Antoinette Diet" (Karen Wheeler)

Inspired by the 18th century French Queen (“let them eat cake”), and followed by French women for generations later, this book focuses on overall lifestyle changes, to get in touch with yourself and get on the road to healthy eating.

Anti-Diet Approach

"The Diet Fix"(Yoni Freedhoff)

This 10-day reset plan is designed to work with any diet plan to make it more effective. While debunking a lot of weight loss myths, it also provides sound advice for those personalizing their own lifestyle plan.

"The Fit Bottomed Girls Anti-Diet" (Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead)

A confidence-boosting program to help the user develop healthy habits. No major rules or big changes, the gentle approach to weight control provides 10-minute strategies to keep you on track.

"The No Excuses Diet: The Anti-Diet Approach to Crank Up Your Energy and Weight Loss!" (Jonathan Roche)

A good choice for people who want an efficient and effective way to set up their own eating and workout plan. A focus on loving your lifestyle is key.