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Is my bad habit 'normal'? Ask Gail Saltz

Do you wonder if a habit you have or someone in your family or a friend has is normal? Do you crack your knuckles a lot? Does your son bite his toenails? Does your husband keep every old newspaper and other papers in piles around the house? Many people have a habit, sometimes seemingly common, sometimes quite unusual, but pretty much every one wonders if this habit is normal. And if it's not normal, they wonder what, if anything, they can do about it.

'Is this normal?' Ask Dr. Gail Saltz

I work with people who have every kind of habit. I assess whether it’s a problem and help them to change it or stop it if it is a problem. This is your chance to ask a “shrink:” “Is this habit normal?” Ask me about yourself or anyone else in your life. Tell me about the habit in one or two lines and I hope to answer you live on TODAY on August 8. If you prefer to keep your name anonymous, just let me know, and I will only use an initial.