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Apples + bananas + coconuts = Brainteaser dividing the Internet

A deceptively simple-looking brainteaser is fruit for thought throughout the Internet, and no one can agree on its answer.
/ Source: TODAY

Apples + bananas + coconuts = fruit for thought: a deceptively simple-looking brainteaser that is sweeping the Internet, and no one can agree on its answer.

The Facebook post with the teaser has over attracted some 2.2 million comments, and everyone seems to have a different opinion on the solution.

The teaser looks simple, right? Each apple is 10, the bananas are 4, and the coconuts are 2.

So, coconut (2)+ apple (10) + banana (4) = 16!

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Well, not so fast.

If you look closely, there are 4 bananas in the clusters in the second and third row. However, if you examine the bottom row, there are only 3 bananas.

Similarly, there are 2 coconuts in the third row, but only 1 in the last row.

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So... are all banana clusters worth 4, or is each banana separately worth 1? Are the coconuts worth 2 together, or is each separate coconut worth 1?

Is the answer 14?

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Or maybe it's 15?

Are you going bananas (or coco-nuts) yet??