Anna Victoria's top 3 moves for thinner thighs

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Ready to tone and tighten those inner thighs? Often times, we focus on the bigger leg and glute muscles, but for a well-rounded bottom and tight legs, we need to target the smaller muscle groups, too!

Perform each of these movements for 30 seconds, one right after the other, rest for 30 seconds, then repeat for three total rounds. That will bring you to five minutes and 25 seconds of inner thigh toning exercises you can do anywhere.

1. Sumo Squat Heel Raises

Jessica DePalma

Begin in a sumo squat position and squat back like you're sitting in a chair. Proceed to raise your body up and balance on your tippy toes. Hold this position for a brief second, return to the starting position and repeat. Maintain a lowered squat position throughout, with your chest out and back straight.

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2. Sumo Squat Taps

Jessica DePalma

Begin in a wide stance with your toes in line with your knees. Squat back like you're sitting in a chair and proceed to lift one foot off the ground at a time. Point each toe as you alternate this movement.

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Keep your back straight throughout and each time you push off of one foot, focus on keeping your balance by pushing through the heel of the foot on the ground.

3. Side Squat Pop

Jessica DePalma

Begin in a wide stance and your toes pointing outward. Begin to squat back to your left side, keeping your right leg straight. Proceed to lightly push off your left foot and land softly back in a squat position. Keep your back straight throughout and be sure you're sitting back like you're sitting in a chair and don't let your front knee pass your toes. Perform this exercise for 15 seconds on one leg, before switching and performing on the other leg for 15 seconds.

1 Exercise For Toned Arms

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Perform this three-exercise circuit three times. Repeat daily for best results and when you're ready to give yourself a further challenge, hold a weight in your hands while you perform each exercise!

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