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Anna Victoria's 3 best moves for a strong core

Strengthen your core from all sides with these three exercises.
/ Source: TODAY

A strong body starts with a strong core. While the plank is often called one of the best core training exercises, you shouldn't stop there! The key to strengthening your core and getting results it to target it from all sides and with various movements.

Here are three creative and effective ways to work your core and keep your body from hitting a plateau! Watch the video below and follow the more detailed descriptions on how to perfect each move.

1. Plank walks


Begin in a plank position, but instead of holding the position, you are going to walk forward using your arms, feet and core to push you through the movement. Each time you walk forward and back to the starting position, you will want to ensure your core is tight and ready to support the movement and your body weight while maintaining proper form. Walk forward two steps, then backwards two steps. Your core will thank you tomorrow! Perform this exercise for 30 seconds at a time.

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2. High plank with alternating foot reach


Start in a high plank position. Reach back with your right arm to left toe. Return to the high plank position, and reach your left arm to your right toe. Repeat, alternating sides each time and continue for 30 seconds.

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3. Plank + dumbbell shift


Begin in a plank position and before you start, ensure your body is in a straight line. Your hips should not be hanging low or arching up. Begin by holding the plank then grab the dumbbell and shift it to the opposite side. When you first grab the dumbbell, it should be with the opposite arm and when you shift, you should bring it to the same side as the arm you are grabbing with. Each time you shift the dumbbell, return to the plank position and hold for stated number of seconds. Repeat throughout and get ready to feel your core work!

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Repeat this for 30 seconds. Start with a weight that feels manageable to you. If you're a beginner, that might be three or five pounds. You can increase the weight as you get stronger.