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Al Roker checks in from the hospital after knee surgery

TODAY's beloved weatherman Al Roker says he's feeling just fine a day after having his knee replaced.
/ Source: TODAY

He's all right, folks!

TODAY's beloved weatherman Al Roker has checked in from the hospital post-surgery on his right knee and he's on the mend.

"I feel better than I thought [I would]," he told TODAY via FaceTime on Wednesday, noting he'd had his left knee operated on 15 years ago and that was "brutal."

"I feel pretty good, I mean I really do," he said.

Al underwent surgery on Oct. 11 and made sure to keep his fans informed along the way — including a video shot by his wife Deborah Roberts of him in the hotel room awaiting surgery:

And then one of him being wheeled down the hall for the operation.

He'll be out of the office for two weeks, but he's already counting down the days until he can return: "I hope to be back with you on Monday the 24th [of October]," he said.

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Of course, he did have a secret weapon with him in the hospital to ease the pain: His daughter Leila let him borrow her much-loved teddy bear Sammy to keep him company in the hospital (cue "awwwww!"):

And before the operation he made sure that the TV in his room was tuned to the right channel:

Following knee surgery, patients stay in the hospital an average of three to five days, according to WebMD. And while many can get up and stand shortly after surgery, a stay in a rehab facility averages another week to ten days, followed by outpatient physical therapy.

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Knowing Al, we expect him to have a spring in his step any day now. Get well soon!

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