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Sarah Jessica Parker says she doesn’t ‘really like looking at’ herself but thinks she’s ‘fine’

The actor also says she feels like she "missed out on the facelift" when she was younger.
Celebrity Sightings In New York City - June 21, 2023
Sarah Jessica Parker visits the Empire State Building on June 21, 2023 in New York City.Gotham / GC Images
/ Source: TODAY

Sarah Jessica Parker is a major Hollywood star, but she has her own insecurities.

The “And Just Like That...” star got candid about aging and if she feels like a “good-looking woman” while on “The Howard Stern Show.”

“I mean, I’m presentable. I don’t really like looking at myself... I never have,” Parker told host Howard Stern in a video shared June 29, adding that she likes wardrobe fittings and getting in costume. “I mean, I think I’m fine.” 

When asked if she’s had a facelift or done Botox, she replied, “I think about all of it,” touching her face.

“I ask people all the time, ‘Is it too late?’” she said. “Now, people (would) be like, ‘Well, you not only look rested, you look like an entirely different human being.’”

The 58-year-old actor, meanwhile, said she's never had cosmetic surgery, but does go to a dermatologist for a peel or treatments.

Parker continued by noting that she feels like she missed her chance on getting one specific procedure when she was younger.

“I honestly think, like, I missed out on the facelift,” she revealed. “That (would) be the thing. Like an old-fashioned good one, that you have when you’re 44.”

“I’ve heard stories,” she said with a laugh.

Stern, on his end, said he’s seen some “horror stories” and is glad she didn’t get one.

But the “Sex and the City” star said she understands why people make the choice to undergo a procedure to look more youthful.

“There is so much emphasis put on, especially women and primarily women, about looks,” she said. “Even last year when we first went on the air with the new season and there was just so many endless articles about aging and aging gracefully, and ‘Sarah Jessica’s hair is gray.’”

“First of all, it’s not,” she stated, quickly following up by saying, “But who cares. I’m sitting next to Andy Cohen whose head is covered in gray hair and you’ve not mentioned that at all.”

There’s so much chatter and opinions made about women’s looks, she said.

“I don’t think it’s wrong. I think people should do whatever makes them feel better walking out the door,” Parker said.

A facelift was a topic of conversation in Season One of “And Just Like That...” In one episode, Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw accompanies Anthony (Mario Cantone) to a meeting with a plastic surgeon, who walks in and thinks she is the one who is getting a consultation.

When the doctor says Anthony doesn’t need a facelift and just some Botox, Carrie asks for her own consultation. To her dismay, he suggests a half-lift and a “wide-range of options.” Ultimately, just like Parker, Carrie decides against any cosmetic procedures.