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90-year-old man effortlessly does 24 pullups and inspires us all

Vern Greenwood may be 90 this year, but he's not showing any signs of slowing down.
/ Source: TODAY

Vern Greenwood may be 90 this year, but he's not showing any signs of slowing down.

His son, Ken Greenwood, posted a video of him effortlessly doing 24 pull-ups at the gym, and he doesn’t even break a sweat.

“I love just love working,” Vern told TODAY. “It’s part of life. When everybody else quits working, they quit living. It’s who I am.”

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We can't decide who is more impressed — us or Ken!

Ken explained that it’s always been a tradition for his parents to visit him in Florida during the winters, and they return to Newtonville, Ontario during the summers so that Vern can continue working as a mechanic.

Ken seemed to think that Vern might slow down after his mother, and Vern's wife of 62 years, passed away last March, but he hasn't missed a beat. In fact, Ken thinks that working out is part of his father’s technique for staying positive.

“It’s his first winter without mom,” Ken Greenwood told TODAY. “So this is a tremendous time for him to have [the gym]. It’s really helping him a lot.”

Ken was inspired to take a video of his dad doing the pull-ups in honor of his 90th birthday, but he never expected the warm welcome that it would receive online.

And Vern is just as excited.

“I’m just so happy for him,” explained Ken. “This is certainly a lift for him, he’s just loving it.”

In addition to the gym, Vern stays active when he goes back to Canada in his daily life through his work. If he doesn’t feel like he’s getting enough exercise, Vern will get creative.

“When he goes back to Canada he doesn’t have a gym membership,” explained Ken. “So he does pull ups on his fork lift.”

But when it comes to his ultimate secret to staying healthy, but Vern is certain that it comes down to eating.

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He also makes sure to point out that other “old people” are impressed with the fact that he doesn’t take any medications, but he’s certain that healthy food is what keeps him feeling better than any medicine ever could.

“I don’t eat any sugar, except maybe a banana,” Vern said. “You have to look after yourself cause if you don’t no one else will.”

Mostly, Vern is passionate about self care because he loves people and conveys such an excitement for life.

His son left us with Vern's motto, and we're pretty sure we want to adopt it as well.

"His thing is ‘as long as you’re helping somebody you’re good.'"