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9 yoga poses you can do anywhere

This sequence will challenge your entire body in a low-impact way, but still leave your muscles tired and your body invigorated.
/ Source: TODAY

This sequence is designed to challenge your entire body in a low-impact way, but still leave your muscles tired and your body and mind invigorated.

The cardio bursts throughout this routine will give you a healthy sweat and elevate your heart rate, which aids in fat loss, especially in difficult areas like your stomach and love handles.

The isometric holds and elongating poses will help to stretch and nurture your muscles. This sequence is great for any level yogi to change up her routine and add some sweat to her practice. Let's get started!

1. Table top

Table top position
Coded PR

Keep your spine neutral and begin to tune into your body.

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2. Cat and cow

Cat/CowCoded PR

This pose massages and loosens the fibers around the spine. We are standing upright or laying down most of the time, so we rarely move our spine in different ranges of motion. This is a perfect supported pose for that.

3. High plank

High plank pose
Coded PR

This is an entire body core pose. Every muscle in the body is working to hold the body weight up. The core is the main stabilizer so it engages to keep the body's balance first.

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4. Slow-to-fast mountain climbers

Pick up pace moutain climbers
Pick up pace moutain climbersCoded PR

These are a perfect, low-impact, no-equipment cardio option. Very good for those recovering from an injury or looking to engage the entire body and elevate the heart rate while indoors.

5. Downward-facing dog

Downward Facing Dog
Coded PR

This is a great stretch for your hamstrings and shoulders.

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6. Rag doll

Rag doll position
Rag doll positionCoded PR

Lower back elongation is perfect for anyone. This helps with relief of the very strong lower back muscles as well as a hip flexor release.

7. Sun salute

Sun salute
Coded PR

This pose is perfect for regulating breath pace, as well as warming up the shoulder girdle.

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8. Crescent lunge

Crescent lunge
Crescent lungeCoded PR

Another core stabilizing pose. This pose, when done correctly, will engage the heel all the way up through the finger tips. Be sure to repeat on the other side before moving on to the next pose.

9. One legged tadasana

One legged tadasana
One legged tadasanaCoded PR

This is a challenging balance pose and hip flexor strengthener. Repeat on the other leg before finishing this sequence.