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8 words that will get you out of any party conversation

We've all been there! Some friendly fellow guest corners you and just won't let up on the constant conversation. But there's a way out.
/ Source: TODAY

'Tis the season for partying — from your office's annual holiday gift exchange to your family's annual festive dinner, your calendar is probably booked. Whether you're with co workers or your aunts and uncles, there's always a chance you'll get cornered into a conversation you'd rather avoid.

You're trapped!

But according to a piece in New York magazine (adapted from Josh Gondelman and Joe Berkowitz's book "You Blew It!"), you don't have to be. You can maintain good manners and still make a break for it — if you know the magic words.

Actually, the eight words you need to know are pretty mundane, but the result might as well be magic: "Great talking to you. I’ll see you soon."

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But it's more that just the words, it's also how you deliver them.

The authors describe the perfect exit as the way Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson "would leave a family he just saved from an earthquake. A firm but platonic hug. Strong eye contact. A tender but final goodbye. And just like that, he’s gone."

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When the TODAY gang discussed the parting approach Tuesday morning, Carson Daly suggested another way to get away — the Matt Lauer method, otherwise known as just sneaking off.

"[He's] the master of just disappearing into the night," Daly laughed. "One minute he's there, the next, 'Have you seen Matt?' 'Nope! Gone with the wind.'"

Whatever works!

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