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Laura Prepon claims her mother 'taught' her bulimia

The "Orange Is the New Black" actress, 40, battled the eating disorder into her late 20s.
/ Source: TODAY

Laura Prepon has opened up about an eating disorder that began when she was 15 years old and lasted into her late 20s.

“My mother taught me bulimia,” Prepon alleged in an interview with People magazine, noting that the disorder, which is characterized by bingeing and purging, would become a debilitating "compulsion."

Prepon said the trouble started after she attended a modeling agency casting call and was asked to lose 25 pounds. The actress confided in her mom, Marjorie Prepon, that she wanted to give it a try and suddenly her progress was their "shared project."

Celebrity Sightings in Beverly Hills - December 18, 2009
Laura Prepon and her mom, Marjorie Prepon, in 2009.Javier Calderon / Getty Images

“My mom started weighing me every morning and taking my measurements,” Prepon claimed.

The 5-foot-10 "Orange is the New Black" alum dropped to 105 pounds, which she believes made Marjorie Prepon "proud."

“That’s when she told me, ‘You can have your cake and eat it too,’” Prepon recalled to People. “I knew exactly what she was talking about.”

At the time, Prepon saw it as “bonding thing we could do together. A shared secret.”

Now fully-recovered, Prepon, who is promoting her parenting guide "You and I, as Mothers," said she isn't angry with her mom. Marjorie Prepon is currently in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and Prepon doesn't know how much time she has left.

“She was bulimic in college. And after she lost weight, she met my father. So to her, being thin equaled success,” Prepon explained. “I think she was trying to help me in her own way.”

Prepon is now a mother herself. The star and her husband, Ben Foster, are parents of Ella, 3, and a baby boy, who was born in February, and she strives to be a healthy role model for them.

“Healing meant learning about my own body,” she said. “Especially when I wanted to have children.”