60-second shape-up: Beat belly fat and get a better butt

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By By Joy Bauer

Welcome to day four of our special series "60-Second Shape-Up" to help you kick off summer feeling and looking good. 

Each day this week, TODAY diet expert Joy Bauer and anchor Jenna Wolfe, a certified fitness trainer, take one minute to give their health, nutrition and fitness tips. 

You can exercise until the cows come home, but if you don't tighten up your diet, the belly fat won't budge. Here are simple and effective ways to cut calories and trim your tummy.

Re-think your a.m. drink

Instead of pouring half 'n half in your coffee, swap in skim, soy or unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Assuming you have a cup each day, you can save at least 420 calories each week with this one simple tip. 

Eat your fruit, don’t drink it

While 100 percent fruit juice is packed with plenty of nutrients, it’s also super-concentrated in sugar and calories —and only takes seconds to gulp down. Here's a startling comparison: a 16-ounce glass of orange juice is about 220 calories. For the same amount of calories, you can enjoy 2 full cups of strawberries, half a cantaloupe, and 2 kiwis! Of course, the juicy and delicious whole fruit comes packaged with filling fiber, so you’ll feel satisfied with much less and save major calories.

Check out these sweet summery treats

Cut guacamole with salsa

While avocado-packed guacamole is healthy and delish, it's also dense in calories. Instead, make SALSA-MOLE. This creamy-dreamy blend gives you the same dipping satisfaction for half the cals. Break out the crudités and dig in. 

Do this a few times each week —hopefully with veggies versus chips — and at the end of this month, you’ve saved yourself the calorie equivalent of almost 4 slices of pizza.

Use flavored vinegars instead of salad dressing

Calorific dressing can turn a lovely summer salad into a diet disaster. Instead, fill an oil mister with one teaspoon of olive oil and unlimited amounts of a fun-flavored vinegar (anything from fig balsamic to herb-infused red wine vinegar works) and spray evenly over your salad. You’ll get a blast of low-calorie flavor without any fuss. 

Jenna’s plan: 60-seconds to a better butt

There is no such thing as spot dieting, but you can target and tone.

1. Sitting and standing is a move to tighten your glutes: Grab a chair or the couch. Sit down so slowly and gently that I can’t hear you. Now stand up without using too much momentum. Repeat 99 times.

2. Hip extensions to work hamstring and glutes: Lie on your back, knees up. Arms folded over your chest. Squeeze your glutes for at least five seconds, hold and come down. Do it for 25 seconds. If you feel really strong, lift one of your legs up, while your bottom is off the ground and do 25 up and downs on each side.  

3. To focus on glutes: One-legged squats. You're on one leg, without bending over, bend down, touch the ground and come up. Bend, touch and come up. Keep your knee in track. Do 10 on each side. 

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