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6 solutions under $20 for a stress-free lifestyle

If you're fighting off stress and general winter blues, here are six solutions that cost under $20.
/ Source: TODAY

Cold weather hit a bit late this year — packing quite a punch during the recent blizzard — which means the winter blues are taking their toll on many of us. To top it off, January is often marked as the most depressing month of the year, so it's no surprise as to why you may be feeling more stressed and overwhelmed than usual.

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Instead of dwelling in your stress and blues, here are six solutions for managing stress that cost under $20:

Meditation apps can help you de-stress
Woman meditating at the sea; Shutterstock ID 367666133; PO: today-healthShutterstock / Nickolya

1. Meditation: According to, meditation activates the rest and digest part of our nervous systems, helping with stress management. Having a daily meditation practice can make a huge impact on your level of stress.

Suggested Items:

  • Headspace app: Free guided meditation for 10 days and then $12.95/month
  • buddhify app: 80 guided meditations tailored to wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, $4.99
Headspace app for meditation
Headspace appHeadspace

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2. Coloring Books: Coloring books are starting to pop up all over – and not just for kids. They’re ideal for individuals of all ages looking to relax and use their creativity. January 31 is Inspire Your Heart with Art day, making it the perfect opportunity to call on your inner creative child and make art.

Suggested Items:

Enchanted Forest Papyrus coloring book
Enchanted Forest coloring bookKyle Zahradka Photo 2015

3. Lavender: "Lavender oil has been used since ancient times for its powerful calming and properties," says holistic health coach, Casey Von Iderstein. "It can be used aromatically, topically, or even added to a bath to melt away feelings of stress and tension."

Suggested Items:

Acure Organics Calming Body Lotion
Acure Organics Calming Body Lotion

4. Tea: “My no fail way to de-stress? Making a cup of tea," said Alyson Valpone, marketing team lead at Whole Foods Market. "There's something about the whole process of making a cup of tea that slows my whole body and mind down.”

Suggested Items:

DavidsTea Open in case of stress tea
Open in Case of Stress teaDavidsTea

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5. Movement: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, exercise is considered vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can reduce stress. Movement doesn't have to take place in a yoga studio or at a gym — you can do it on the go!

Suggested Items:

Acacia on-demand workout service
Acacia on-demand workout serviceAcacia

6. Sounds: Listening to relaxing music and sounds can be extremely soothing in the face of stress. According to the American Psychological Association, music reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Suggested items:

  • is a free desktop app that lets you turn your browser into a powerful rain noise generator, a source of natural, calming white noise, Free is a free desktop app