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A 5-minute workout you can do anywhere

You don't need equipment, or a ton of time, for this workout.
/ Source: TODAY

The busier our schedules get, the harder it can be to find time to hit the gym. Check out this 5-minute workout that you can do anywhere. By completing each exercise for one minute, you can burn calories without burning time.

If you only have five minutes, just run through this routine once. If you can fit in a couple more rounds, go for it! Challenge yourself — though this short workout is simple, it's not easy!

1. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks
Chrysten Crockett

Start off with some jumping jacks to get the heart rate to rise. This is a great way to begin because not only does it target all of your major muscle groups, it also loosens up your joints and muscles as you move through the exercise.

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2. Jack squats

Jack squats
Chrysten Crockett

The progression from the jumping jack in this workout is the jack squat. After you bring your feet together in the jumping jack, continue into a squat when you jump your feet apart. Continuing in the jumping jack form, be sure to squat as low as you can to engage the calves, hamstrings, quads and glutes.

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3. High knees

High knees
Chrysten Crockett

By working both your arms and legs as fast as you can, you’re really going to kick your workout into high gear. Be sure to lift your knees one at a time as high as you can toward your chest. Your arms should alternate as if you’re running in place, opposite of the knee that is off the ground.

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4. Plank jump backs

Plank jump backs
Chrysten Crockett

Next you want to drop to the ground in an upward plank position. With your core tight and your hips parallel to the ground, you're going to jump your feet toward the center of your body and jump back out to the position you started in. One mistake many people make with this exercise is not jumping their feet back far enough. In order to engage the core fully, be sure to challenge your range of motion by getting your feet back to the starting position each time.

5. Standing oblique twists

Standing oblique twists
Chrysten Crockett

The standing oblique twists are a great way to wrap up the workout. To start this exercise, place both of your hands behind your head and meet one elbow to the opposite knee. The important thing to remember is to keep your core center while you twist. This is going to create some resistance in the abdominal wall, which will help to burn the fat away from those stubborn areas.

If you have the energy, repeat this sequence two or three times! For more diet and fitness advice, sign up for our One Small Thing newsletter.

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