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5 foods to fight a bloated belly

The dreaded belly bloat — here's what to eat to make it go away.
/ Source: TODAY

The dreaded belly bloat — we all experience it from time to time, but the holiday season can be especially cruel. We run ourselves ragged, forget to drink enough water and wind up eating on the go, instead of taking the time to prepare healthy meals.

Oddly enough, even healthy foods like cruciferous veggies (think Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage) can, sometimes, make your belly bulge.

Whether your body is bloating from too much crudité or feeling puffy from too many chips and cocktails, sometimes we just need to de-puff ourselves. Here are a few of my favorite bloat-be-gone foods.

1. Bananas

Meet your new go-to bloat busting tool. One medium banana has over 400 mg of potassium, which can help drain fluid from your water-retaining bod.

Have you been avoiding bananas because you fear they’re constipating? I’ll set the record straight. Unripe bananas are linked to constipation, but ripe bananas are actually full of fiber and are excellent for constipation prevention and relief. So, avoid bananas that have a green hue. Have a banana with a couple of teaspoons of protein-rich nut butter as a snack, or treat yourself to banana-pops for dessert.

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2. Kimchi

This fermented cabbage can help to flatten your uncomfortable tummy. Through fermentation, kimchi is loaded with probiotics, friendly bacteria that aid in digestion, rid your belly of gas, and fix the bloated feeling you’re walking around with. It’s as simple as adding it to your grocery list, keeping it on hand and placing on your next homemade salad or lunch bowl (a few bites are all you need).

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3. Dandelion greens

These greens are great at deflating your bloat thanks to their fantastic fiber profile, which helps to move things along your digestion pathway. They also have diuretic properties, which can help your body detox.

Dandelion greens sometimes gets a bad rep as weed greens, but they’re actually slightly bitter, earthy smelling and overall pretty delicious. Find them at specialty markets, your health food store and farmer’s markets, and eat them like you would any other lettuce green.

4. Asparagus

Asparagus contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that provides health benefits for our digestive tract, promoting better nutrient absorption and lowering risk of colon cancer. Asparagus is also a natural diuretic — meaning it can rid your body of the excess water it’s holding onto, causing you that uncomfortable belly bloat. Get your asparagus in the morning with a salmon, feta and asparagus omelet.

Asparagus Egg Toast

5. Artichokes

These veggies are loaded with 7 grams of fiber, which helps to support healthy digestion. Artichokes will work to keep you feeling full while simultaneously getting your body moving to help you slim your tummy down fast.

Add these to your list of salad toppers or create the perfect weeknight meal by making a lemon artichoke pesto to accompany grilled chicken breast.

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