4 simple moves for shapely shoulders: Try these workouts anywhere!

/ Source: TODAY
By Jenna Wolfe

It's probably too cold for you to be thinking about wearing sleeveless shirts, but if you start doing these easy moves now, you can have toned, defined shoulders by the time you pull those tank tops out of storage!

The best way to get defined shoulders (or any body part, actually) is to mix things up. Muscles adjust to the same routine after a while, which means you want to avoid doing the same exercise over and over for months on end. Varying the exercises to hit all different parts of your shoulders gives you the best results for your efforts.

You want to work shoulders from all angles: front, sides and back. These four moves cover all bases and then some. Do these moves two to three times a week along with your regular cardio and strength routine.

Lateral raises (shoulder side to side): Do 20 of these, 5 sets total.

Begin standing with your arms at your side. Slowly raise both arms, with a water bottle in each arm as a weight and slight bend in the elbow, until your arms are parallel with your shoulders. Lower your arms back down to your sides for one rep.

Upper cuts: Do 20 of these, 5 sets total.


Side punch outs: Do 50 reps


Shoulder circles forward and back: Do 50 forward and 50 back

With your arms straight out perpendicular to your body, rotate in a forward circle for 100 reps, and then in a circle backwards for 100 reps.

Feel that burn? That’s your muscles getting ready for their big reveal!

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