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30 Days to a Better You: Jenna, plaza fans sweat it out in boot camp workout

Just over a week into the 30 Days to a Better You challenge, and TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe brought the fun — and the sweat — to the plaza crowd.

Jenna Wolfe kept the crowd going with lots of music and high energy.

As a certified personal trainer, Wolfe regularly kicks people’s butts into shape at the gym. She said a boot camp is a great way to mix up the routine.

People from a number of groups participated in the boot camp, including Team in Training, Rafi's Run and New York Sports Clubs.

“I love boot camps,” Wolfe said. “It’s a great combination of strength training and of cardio at the same time.” 

A good boot camp will offer a number of different exercises working a number of different body parts, all helping to get that heart rate up. Wolfe likes to go with a variety of short exercises to keep from getting bored.

Lester Holt isn't shy when it comes to working out, and he made sure to join in on the plaza fun.

She had plaza fans reaching for their toes and curling into crunches. “We’re going fast for ten, slow for four,” Wolfe shouted to the crowd as they kicked high.

The idea of taking a boot camp may be intimidating for some, but Jenna Wolfe said this is a workout everyone should try.

“Jog it out,” said Wolfe. “We don’t rest.”

As the crowd worked out, two men stood among them, one eating a banana and the other a bagel. Turns out, they were actors Kevin Daniels and Michael Mosley from USA's new show "Sirens." 

Actors Kevin Daniels and Michael Mosley (and their snacks) stopped by TODAY to speak about their new show.

“Unfortunately, they left the doughnuts inside,” said TODAY's Erica Hill, as she joined in on the exercises.

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