3 stretches to soothe stiff muscles at the end of the day

Young fitness woman stretching side of her neck; TODAY.com
Stretches for whenever you need a little break through the day. Juriah Mosin / Today

Sitting at a desk all day wreaks havoc on your entire body, leading to tight neck and shoulder muscles and a sore back. While getting up and walking around every hour can help, these simple stretches done standing at your desk are sure to energize you and loosen those tight muscles.

Stretches for whenever you need a little break through the day. Juriah Mosin / Today

Do these stretches whenever you need a mini break throughout the day:

Lower-back stretch: helps reverse a forward, rounded lower-back posture

Stand up and place your hands on your lower back, fingers pointing downward. Gently arch your back as you look up towards the ceiling until you feel a stretch. Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together while your back is arched. Be sure to only stretch as far as comfortable. Hold a few seconds and release.

Upper-arm stretch: stretches the triceps and shoulders

Lift one arm up and bend it behind your head, with your elbow pointing towards the ceiling and fingertips on your shoulder blade. Use your other hand to increase the stretch by gently pushing on the elbow. Hold 20 to 30 seconds and repeat with the other arm.

Neck stretch: helps ease neck pain

Place your left hand on top of your head and slowly tilt your head to the left while applying gentle pressure to increase the stretch. Hold 20 to 30 seconds and switch sides.

Add these moves to your daily routine to unkink muscles whenever you feel tight.

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