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3 easy moves for slimmer thighs

It's time to start loving your legs!
/ Source: TODAY

A lot of women hate their thighs — and struggle with exercises that work on toning them. Well, it's time to start loving your legs (and thighs!). Use these three exercises to target areas of your legs that other common leg exercises neglect.

1. Deep squat

Keep your chest upright as you lower your butt to the ground. Challenge yourself to go as low as you can go! Perform 15 repetitions before moving onto the next exercise.

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2. Glute lunge

This is also referred to as a curtsy lunge, which may be an easier way to describe the movement. Perform a lunge, but instead of stepping straight back, step your leg backwards at an angle. Bend your knee so it nearly touches the ground. Alternate sides for 20 repetitions.

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3. Side lunge push off

Step into a side lunge, keep your chest upright and bend one knee. As you come up, push your foot off of the ground, so it is in the air. When you land, perform another side lunge and repeat the movement. Perform 15 repetitions for each leg.

Repeat this three exercise circuit two to three times for a complete leg workout!

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