19 of the cutest family theme costumes for Halloween

Miranda Raines
Miranda Raines

What better way to unite your kids in fun and togetherness than with a family-themed Halloween costume? It doesn’t matter if you have one child or a large brood, whether you want a look that is spooky or sweet, there are endless possibilities. 

Every parent knows, Halloween costumes require planning, creativity and a certain amount of negotiation. So major credit goes to these parents who pulled off some truly epic themed costumes. For inspiration, check out more photos TODAY readers shared on our Facebook page.

Somewhere over the rainbow... this family is owning Halloween. Jackie Haefele Hacker dressed her five children (quadruplets + 1) as the characters from “The Wizard of Oz,” while she appeared as the Wicked Witch and her mom blew in as the wind-whipping cyclone.Today

Do you speak Minion? The more minions, the better. Leslie Taylor Sullivan shows us three, along with Gru (love the nose and scarf) and Lucy. Today

This idea looks JUST right: For their first Halloween, Kari Croop's triplets made for adorable little bears, and she donned a Goldilocks costume.Today

Ahoy, matey: Haley Willis Little donned pirate garb and dressed little Eli as her parrot.Today

Insert "maybe they could do a better job than the real ones" joke here: Jessica Flaitz shows us a cool commander in chief, guarded by two Secret Service agents who are all business, right down to the shades and earpieces. Today

You're the one that I want! Natasha McAdoo’s twins rock some serious ‘50s style as Danny and Sandy from “Grease.”Today

Evildoers, beware! Miranda Raines and her family are all decked out as superheroes. Today

Kara Oxnam Pothier says she has "the most Incredible family you'll ever meet!"Today

So very wrong, and yet so brilliant: Mary Van De Walle says her “Silence of the Lambs” theme is “not something you normally consider with a two-year-old, but she loved it!”Today

M-I-C how cute they are? Shayna O. Umble presents her twins as Minnie and Mickey.Today

He was a good little monkey, and always very curious: For their first Halloween together, Emily Adkins Forgey dressed her boys as Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat. Today
Shhh, nobody tell them: Shari Hershkowitz Kurnit's triplets at age 3. They're now in high school and she says will probably kill her if they find out she posted this picture. (Totally worth it for the cuteness!) Today
Ruh-roh: Melissa Borchardt's family suited up at the Scooby Doo gang, but she says her husband refused to be Fred. No treats for you!Today
Mama mia! Vanessa Bellitti celebrated her twins' first Halloween by dressing as Princess Peach with her little Mario and Luigi.Today
Cutest duo: Sarah Casey Phillips shows off her little elephant and his bag of peanuts.Today
Jessica Flaitz's Little Red Riding Hood cuddles up to the Big Bad Wolf, trying his best to look fierce.Today
Another take on Little Red Riding Hood! Jessica Turner got the whole family involved.Today

All ages: Elena Ynostroza Saenz writes that one child wanted a scary costume so he went as a mummy as part of the “Night at the Museum 2” theme. “This was SO much fun to put together!” she writes.Today

Enjoy it while it lasts! Jennifer Frederick Walters, whose kids donned Angry Birds attire last year, writes: “I always theme my kids, while it lasts at least.”Today

Let’s hope all this family togetherness lasts for many more Halloweens to come.