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12 easy tips from the #StartTODAY experts to get healthy and organized

#StartTODAY Experts

#StartTODAY's experts Jill Martin, Jean Chatzky, Jenna Wolfe and Joy Bauer answered viewers questions on organizing, dieting, money and fitness. Here are a few of the top tips to help you achieve and stick with your New Year's resolutions this year! 

#StartTODAY ExpertsToday

1. Is one of your resolutions this year to start volunteering more, but you can’t decide where to spend your time? Start off by picking three organizations you’re attracted to and spend a few hours with each. Then just trust your gut. Giving back to your community is an instant happiness booster. – Jean Chatzky

2. Looking for ways to help rebuild your credit? First, pay your bills one time- no excuses. Use no more than 10-30% of your available credit. Do not apply for new cards and do not close old cards. In 12 months your credit should be significantly better. – Jean Chatzky

3. Having trouble saving money? Start by making a budget: Pull out your bills for the last month and try to get a sense of where your money is going. If you can't make a road map looking backward, track your spending for the next month and you'll have it. Then, take a look at where you can trim. – Jean Chatzky


4. Buried in clutter? Start small: Take 1 hour and a few garbage bags and clean out whatever you can. Start with 1 hour today, 1 hour tomorrow, and you'll be able to tackle the mess! – Jill Martin

5. Need to get your kids motivated to clean up their toys? Try starting a basketball game where they have to shoot the toys in the bin and whoever wins gets a toy at the end of the week. – Jill Martin

6. Are you having trouble deciding what to purge from your overcrowded closets? It is sometimes hard to throw out things that have a lot of memories behind them but pick a few things that you absolutely love and get rid of the rest. Those items might not be there anymore but the memories will remain. – Jill Martin

7. Have you joined the step tracker trend? Make sure you are sticking to one app because they are all created differently. This will help you accurately track your progress. – Jenna Wolfe

8. Need a simple upper body workout to add to your routine? Extend your arms out to the side and do 100 shoulder circles forward, 100 circles backwards, 100 claps in front of you without your hands touching and 100 claps behind you without your hands touching. This works your shoulders, triceps and chest. – Jenna Wolfe.

9. Looking to tone your abs after having a baby? Focus on core exercises like planks and balancing moves. – Jenna Wolfe (Find all of her workouts here)

10. Want to start running? Commit to running every other day for a month. Start by running 1 minute, walking for 2. When that gets easy, run for 2 and walk for 1. Then go to 3/1, 4/1, etc. When you can run 1 mile, you can run 3. – Jean Chatzky & Jenna Wolfe

11. Did you know vinegar can help spark weight loss? Vinegars are actually low-calorie flavor enhancers and when paired with carb filled meals they can help prevent high blood sugar. – Joy Bauer

12. Calorie counting is still an effective way to help lose weight. Losing weight is a mathematical equation and if you take in fewer calories than you burn, you will see a drop in your weight. If you can’t find the time to count every calorie you are consuming head over to TODAY's food page for a low-calorie grocery list and meal plan. – Joy Bauer