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106-year-old woman credits longevity to drinking a beer every day

Margaret Dilullo said that the giant delivery of her favorite beer made her feel "important."

A 106-year-old Pennsylvania woman who credits her longevity to drinking a cold beer every day was surprised with a delivery of her favorite beverage last Thursday.

Margaret Dilullo, 106, told TODAY Health that she doesn't remember when she started enjoying a Yuengling lager each day.

"I'm telling you, from the time I started to drink it, I have never drank anybody else's," Dilullo said, adding that her favorite part of the drink is a "slight bitter taste" that she can't find in other beers. "I can't believe they're still in business!"

To honor Dilullo, the brewery surprised her with a truck full of her favorite beverage.

Debbie Yuengling and Margaret Dilullo crack open a couple of cold ones.
Debbie Yuengling and Margaret Dilullo crack open a couple of cold ones.

"It was wonderful. I didn't expect to see that big truck pull up in front of my daughter's house," said Dilullo. "It was a wonderful surprise. I think it'll be the biggest surprise of my life. It was my day. I can't believe that I could have anything to surpass it. It was wonderful."

Yuengling posted a photo of Dilullo enjoying a cold lager on their Twitter page. Debbie Yuengling, one of the four sixth-generation family members involved at Yuengling, told TODAY that the family-operated brand loves to surprise when they can.

"We wanted to make sure she had some beer," Yuengling said. "We wanted to make it special for her ... We wanted to make sure she had at least one more beer than every year she's been alive. So what we did was we had a truck show up in her driveway with all her family and neighbors."

Dilullo said that the special event was "wonderful."

"As long as I live, I don't see anything that's going to top it," she told TODAY. "I felt so important. Who wouldn't be important if they got a Yuengling a day? ... I don't think anybody will have a better time than I have."

Dilullo was sure to share the good fortune with family and friends, but when asked about other advice to live a long, healthy life, she was tight-lipped.

"First of all, I thank God," Dilullo said. "He sees to it that I'm still here. And after that, the folks at Yuengling see to it that the beer is here."

She does plan to keep her beer-a-day tradition alive.

"As long as I can, I will," Dilullo said. "I think we have enough Yuengling to last the rest of my life."