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105-year-old woman requests hunky firefighters for her birthday party

When Ivena "Ivy" Smailes turned 105 years old, she got her wish that some very special guests join her to celebrate her birthday.
/ Source: TODAY

If you live to be 105 years old, you might as well celebrate in style.

When British woman Ivena "Ivy" Smailes reached that milestone on Aug. 18, she knew exactly what she wanted: a group of hunky firefighters to climb through her window.

Smailes got her wish when five members of the local Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service joined her celebration, with one of them fulfilling her request and coming through her window at the Addison Court Care Home in Crawbrook, England.

"It was out of this world,'' Smailes told TODAY.

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"She had a few tears," Debra Carter, a staff member at the facility who helped plan the party, told TODAY. "She was laughing, but she was crying, too."

The staff at Addison Court, where Smailes has lived for three years, wasn't surprised by her funny request.

"She's got such a good sense of humor that we were expecting something,'' Carter said. "We managed to pull it off for her."

When Carter first contacted the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, they thought somebody was just having fun with them.

Ivy Smailes got a thrill from some local firefighters for her 105th birthday, and has her sights set on a royal guest for next year's birthday.Ivy Smailes

"They couldn't believe that someone of 105 would ask for this,'' Carter said. "They were all really good about it, and all happy to help and to meet her."

"And all because the lady loves a burly firefighter," the Fire and Rescue service wrote on Facebook in wishing Smailes a happy birthday.

Last year, Smailes got her 104th birthday wish when members of the Addison staff climbed her favorite tree in her old village and carved her name in it. Smailes, who has one daughter, is known as "Auntie Ivy" in Greenside, the village where she was a long-time resident, according to Carter.

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"She's got a fantastic sense of humor, and she doesn't look her age,'' Carter said. "Her only problem she has is her hearing, but other than that she's a good member of the home. She's always involved with everything."

With this year's birthday wish having come true, Smailes has her heart set on something much bigger if she makes it to 106.

"She wants to meet Prince Harry,'' Carter said before laughing. "That one might be a little more difficult."

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