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Twins describe life at 100: Wine, bacon and eggs and iPhones

They live fairly independently and are in good health.
Twins Elaine Foster, left, and Evelyn Lowe dressed up for a special celebration as they turned 100 on March 31, 2021.
Twins Elaine Foster, left, and Evelyn Lowe dressed up for a special celebration as they turned 100 on March 31, 2021.Courtesy Darvell Green
/ Source: TODAY

At 100 years old, twins Elaine Foster and Evelyn Lowe both have iPhones, like to play games on the computer and use online bill pay.

They live together fairly independently in a house in Bowie, Maryland, and were matter-of-fact about reaching the century mark on March 31.

It feels “no different” to be 100, Foster told TODAY. “I just feel normal”

“You’re right about that,” Lowe agreed.

The twins are both vaccinated against COVID-19.Courtesy Darvell Green

Lowe’s great-grandson, Darvell Green, lives with them to help with medication, cook meals, get groceries and watch over the twins, but they're able to do many things on their own, he said. A friend of the family regularly comes to help with laundry, clean the house and to take the ladies to the spa.

The twins walk on their own, but have canes for support if they need them.

“If I live to be 100, I’d love to be in their state,” Green, 27, said. “I always ask (my great-grandmother) all the time: What do you do to stay so healthy and live so long? She never really goes into detail about anything, but she always says she drinks her wine.”

The twins also couldn’t say what contributed to their longevity.

“I haven't the slightest idea,” Foster said. “I don't know how I happened to live as long as I have.”

“I have not the vaguest idea,” Lowe echoed.

Both smoked cigarettes years ago, but later quit. Both are widows and both worked for the government before retiring.

Foster eats bacon and eggs every morning, and drinks a glass of wine every day. When asked if she preferred red or white wine, she answered that “it doesn’t matter just so long as it’s not too sweet and it's not bitter.” Foster also enjoys drinking sangria, though she hasn’t had it in a long time.

Experts who study extreme longevity say centenarians are born with the right combination of protective genes, which helps them age slowly and reduces their risk for age-related diseases.

The sisters live together fairly independently in Bowie, Maryland.Courtesy Darvell Green

The sisters were split on whether they liked being identical twins.

“Yes, you get used to it,” Foster said.

“No, people getting us confused and everything like that,” Lowe countered.

“Mom didn’t get us confused,” her sister pointed out.

“But (other) people did,” Lowe exclaimed.

Green described his great-grandmother as “a pistol,” and her temper flared when he turned down the TV when TODAY called because she was displeased she couldn’t hear her show.

The twins are both vaccinated against COVID-19 and said it didn’t bother them to stay inside during the lockdown. They like playing solitaire and other games on their computer.

Other than arthritis, the sisters are in good health and don’t need to see the doctor very often.

“I do go once a year to get a checkup” Foster said. "I think everybody should."