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The 1 yoga pose to strengthen your arms

Try this move to help you tighten and tone your arms!
/ Source: TODAY

Your shoulders and upper arms can be a tough area to target with regular arm exercises like curls or dips. But adding a little yoga to your routine can help!

Meet the dophin push up. If you do these every day for a week or two, you will see beautiful definition in your shoulders and arms. Bonus: Dolphin pose is an amazing shoulder, neck and trap opener that works your core in addition to your arms.

Watch the video and read detailed instructions below to learn how to master this move!

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From all fours, place your forearms on the ground, shoulder distance apart. You can measure your shoulder’s distance by grabbing opposite elbows and leaving your elbows there as you parallel your forearms to one another.

Next, tuck your toes, and lift your hips into dolphin, which is downward facing dog on your forearms. Look forward and reach your chin toward your thumbs on an inhale, coming almost to a forearm plank. Use your exhale to lift your hips back into dolphin pose, raising hips back toward the ceiling. That’s one rep.

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Do as many repetitions as you can. Aim for 10 reps at least, you can rest in child’s pose in between if needed.

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