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Up your snack game with shrimp cocktail and charred broccoli

Carla Lalli Music and Molly Baz go head-to-head in this delicious edition of "YOU GOT SNACK'D."
/ Source: TODAY

Cookbook author and host of "Carla's Cooking Show" Carla Lalli Music and Recipe Club founder Molly Baz are joining TODAY to share delicious recipes from their Instagram series "YOU GOT SNACK'D" where they send each other secret grocery deliveries and then go live on Instagram, talking each other through their mystery recipes. Music makes charred broccoli with spicy avocado sauce and Baz prepares shrimp cocktail with a horseradish and dill dipping sauce.

I am a huge broccoli fan and wanted to give it a flavor profile outside of my usual and obvious Italian garlic-olive oil-chile flake scenario. There's no reason to discard the broccoli stem, which has a radish-like crunch and mild flavor. Cutting it into long spears and searing it keeps the broccoli crunchy while softening its fibers a bit, and the creamy avocado sauce acts as a sort of dip. You can fork-and-knife this or eat it with your fingers.

Shrimp cocktail and a martini so cold it hurts your fingers: It simply does not get much better than that. Shrimp are sorted and sold by size and marked according to about how many pieces of shrimp comprise 1 pound. I like the larger size of U10/15 for shrimp cocktail (meaning, 10 to 15 pieces shrimp per pound), but if you can't find them, go for slightly smaller ones (16/20). Most importantly, make sure they are shell-on — this is crucial when poaching shrimp, as the shell acts like a protective barrier for the flesh. Smaller shrimp will cook faster, so if you're using size 16/20, knock off 30 seconds from the cook time. It sounds fussy, but it makes all the difference in the world, I swear.

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