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Yoplait releases Starburst-flavored yogurt

Don't worry, pink (aka strawberry) is one of the flavors!
/ Source: TODAY

In a departure from the usual yogurt flavors like strawberry or even key lime pie, Yoplait just released four new Starburst flavors!

Yes, Starburst like the candy.

The new limited-edition yogurt comes in strawberry, cherry, lemon and orange.

The company said the new flavors will be available at most major retailers nationwide starting in January.

In a release, a spokesperson for General Mills said the company is also releasing “unicorn” branded GoGurt, which is yogurt in a tube.

The "unicorn" Go-Gurt will come in two flavors, “raspberry and rainbows” as well as “strawberry banana sparkle.” No word yet on what exactly “rainbows” and “sparkle” are flavored like! Those will also launch in January across the U.S.

Yoplait's Go-Gurt will also have two new flavors this January!
Yoplait's Go-Gurt will also have two new flavors this January!

Yoplait is not a stranger to unusual, super sweet yogurt. The company already has four limited-edition Dunkin’ flavors — Boston kreme donut, apple fritter, French vanilla latte and cinnamon coffee roll — that launched earlier this year.

Starburst isn’t the only candy to make a jump into the yogurt game, at least, not exactly.

Earlier this year, Skittles released “Dips,” which are Skittles covered in a creamy coating like a yogurt covered pretzel.