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Is this the worst Subway sandwich order ever?

There was a perfectly reasonable explanation behind many of the ingredients.
Subway sandwich
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/ Source: TODAY

It's not too often that a sandwich goes viral — especially one from Subway, a chain many people frequent every day.

But one woman's veggie-centric order is currently dividing the internet.

On August 31, the U.K.-based tweeter @annajames33 allegedly visited Subway for the very first time and, being vegetarian, ordered a meatless sandwich: a sub with shredded cheese, sliced cucumbers and olives. What happened next surprised both the customer and tens of thousands of people on Twitter.

The Subway employee tasked with creating said sandwich whipped out his own smartphone to take a photo of the sad-looking sub for his own social media accounts.

"first time in subway and the worker took a picture of my order," she wrote with crying emojis, "am I doing this wrong."

If the internet has taught us anything, it's that sandwich debates are hot on Twitter. Whether it's fast-food chains feuding over the best chicken sandwich or people having a meltdown over Seth Rogen's dad's hilariously gross dinner, one comment can spiral out of control.

The photo of the Subway employee taking a picture has since garnered over 91,000 likes.

But not because everyone actually liked the tweeter's order.

A lot of people seemed to empathize with the poster for her order being embarrassingly called out.

Other people, however, were in full support of this vegetarian combo.

Even Subway commended it.

The tweeter took to Twitter again to clarify the many inquiries as to why she ordered this specific creation.

She claimed she was drunk when she placed the order. Plus, perhaps more importantly, she said there was no meat because she's a vegetarian.

Many tweeters noted that once you strip away the olives and replace the roll, it's not that far off from a traditional English cucumber sandwich one might enjoy at a royal teatime.

Maybe Subway will make it an official menu item and call it the "Queen Elizabeth."