Woman dips chicken finger in soda at US Open and fans cry foul

Maybe the ketchup dispensers were empty?
/ Source: TODAY

Americans love chicken tenders. Americans also love soda.

But when one U.S. Open Tennis fan was filmed combining the two on Monday, one thing was clear: Americans are not ready for this sort of doubles pairing.

Details remain sketchy. All we really have is the video, broadcast on ESPN, in which a woman sitting at a table with two boys takes a big hunk of battered chicken and dunks it in an icy soda.

Cue minds being blown on social media:

Not everyone hated the idea, though:

And at least one person had a behind-the-scenes look at how this ever could have happened:

Now, there could be all sorts of reasons for this maneuver — maybe this woman must have hard foods softened first for ... digestive reasons? Sure, we could see that. Or maybe she just likes it. And we do cook with soda, particularly when making a delicious Coca-Cola Cake (with or without Coca-Cola frosting).

Plus, research has revealed that there is such a thing as ranch dressing soda.

Still, while the combination of crunchy savory (the batter), solid protein (the chicken) and sweet soda might have its intriguing aspects, we're not seeing this becoming a part of "pop" culture.

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