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Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist have VERY mixed reactions after trying new Skittles

Not everyone is going to love every new candy.
/ Source: TODAY

Who would ever be able pass up the chance to taste test a new candy?

During TODAY with Hoda & Jenna, guest co-hosts Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist got an exclusive first taste of a few sweet treats hitting shelves in 2020.

First up: Fudge Brownie M&M’s. Willie and Sheinelle were pretty excited about this chocolate-on-chocolate release, which features a fudge-like center surrounded by the classic M&M’s hard shell. They did not disappoint.

“Mind blown,” Sheinelle said after sampling one of the gooey-yet-crunchy treats.

“It’s perfect,” Willie added.

The new M&M’s launch nationwide in April 2020 and it sounds like Sheinelle and Willie will both be buying a few bags. That release will follow M&M's previously announced Halloween flavor — Creepy Cocoa Crisp — which is due out this September.

These candies will launch nationwide next year.TODAY

Next up was a new Twix bar in a cookies-and-cream flavor. Sheinelle was most excited about this new candu, which is basically a chocolate Twix cookie with a creamy topping replacing the traditional caramel. These will hit store shelves in January 2020.

Willie was skeptical at first because he loves the original Twix but, after one bite, he changed his mind.

“I went from skeptic to believer in about one second,” he said.

Finally, the anchors sampled an unusual-sounding treat, Skittles Dips, which have been previously been released in the U.K. and were called "Yoghurty Coated Skittles Dips."

The candy, which will hit stores in February 2020, features traditional Skittles enveloped in a creamy coating, similar to a yogurt covered pretzel.

Unlike the new chocolate candies, however, the new Skittles were not an instant hit among the anchors ... to say the least.

Sheinelle wasn't impressed.TODAY

When Willie tried one, he seemed on the fence about it but when Sheinelle tasted hers, she had, well, a stronger reaction.

“Oh man, I just wasn’t ready,” she said, scrunching up her face and laughing. “I wasn’t ready for that!” With Willie cracking up, Sheinelle politely spit out the creamy-coated Skittle.

She may not have been impressed by the new offering, but as Willie pointed out, “Someone’s going to love it!”