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Why Thai ice cream rolls are our latest sweet obsession

In this episode of "Hot Dish," Thai ice cream rolls take center stage as a destination-worthy frozen dessert.
/ Source: TODAY

We'll take ice cream in any form you want to give it to us, but these gorgeous Thai-style ice cream rolls made our jaws drop when we first saw them on Instagram. Completely obsessed, we had to get the scoop on them. In this episode of "Hot Dish," Thai rolled ice cream from Chelo Creamery in City of Industry, California, takes center stage as a destination-worthy frozen dessert.

The treat, which originated as a street food in Thailand, is so popular that the shop has over 13,000 (and growing!) devoted followers on Instagram, loving every glorious image seconds after it's posted.

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Another sign it's gone totally viral: there's often a two-hour wait. Sounds crazy, right? But it's totally worth it. Right before your eyes, a liquid ice cream base that's set on a -18 degrees Celsius ice pan transforms into creamy, gorgeous rolls. As if that isn't enough, then they're topped with whipped cream and exotic ingredients. It's totally mesmerizing. Watch the video to see what we mean — and good luck trying not to drool all over your smartphone! We give this deliciously creamy dish two very big thumbs up.